Not all church restorations involve gutting and rebuilding. Some are entirely decorative, like our work at Sacred Heart Church in Peoria, Illinois. The church was built in 1907, then rebuilt between 1919 and 1922. We restored the interior and exterior in 2006-07.

“This one will stun you,” wrote Shawn Tribe of New Liturgical Movement. “Overall, a sense of unity and proportion has been restored and the church is significantly more a reflection of the heavenly Jerusalem in which occurs the icon of the heavenly liturgy.”

We returned in 2013 to install an original wall sculpture of St. Francis of Assisi’s vision of Christ, created in collaboration with our partner Art Studio Demetz of Italy.

Murals by Jericho did the interior panting, stencils and the Sacred Heart image on the floor (pictured below). More photos of the church are available at the parish’s Facebook page and at










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