Stained Glass and Venetian Mosaics

We offer church stained glass restoration. A church stained glass window needs restoration every 80 years or so.

Stained glass has a rich history spanning over a thousand years. Made from colored glass, we can install stained glass in your church whether it’s indoors or outdoors. We can help you design the image for your custom stained glass as well.

Mosaics have two styles: Roman and Byzantine. Small pieces of glass or marble, called “tessera,” are used to build a mosaic. In the Byzantine tradition mosaics were made of colored glass, gold and Mother of Pearl which gave them an incomparable beauty. This was, without doubt, the most significant moment for mosaics.

Marble tessera is much harder and more suited for floor mosaics, while glass tessera offer a larger variety of colors. Artistic “tessera” are still produced by hand on the island of Murano (near Venice, Italy), home of the artistic mosaic glass. Colors are melted directly into the glass, which is flattened out and cooled down and finally cut into many small pieces. The work is done entirely by hand, thus making the glass tessera extremely valuable.

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