Mosaic art predates Christianity, and has been a staple of Christian art since at least the 4th Century. Our partner Art Studio Demetz in Italy still uses Old World methods to create mosaics, with tesserae (pieces) that are produced by hand on the island of Murano, near Venice. Murano has been a leader in artistic glassmaking since the 13th century.

The mosaic at right, depicting Pentecost, was created for St. Bede the Venerable parish in Holland, Pa. The image is based on various paintings of the event. The Venetian glass tesserae were assembled by our mosaic artist in Pietrasanta (Carrara), Italy. The finished mosaic mural was then shipped to the U.S. for installation on the St. Bede bell tower. In a post on the parish’s Facebook page, Monsignor John Marine explained that the mural was placed there to show “that all of us, confirmed by the gifts of the Holy Spirit, are commissioned to carry the Gospel to our neighborhood and the world. You see, the bell in Christian theology is the ‘Voice of Christ’, calling the world to worship His Father through the Holy Spirit. As His baptized and confirmed followers, we are called now to be His voice in our world.”

Below are images of a mosaic tabernacle surround for St. Ambrose Catholic Parish in Brunswick, Ohio. The tessara in this mosaic are made of clear glass adorned with a thin layer of real gold. The method for applying the gold is patented. This video shows a closeup view of the tessara.

For information about mosaics, contact John Mazzolini at 888-437-4499 or [email protected].

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