We recently installed an original bronze statue of St. Louis Bertrand at a namesake church in Louisville, Kentucky. The statue was designed and cast with our partner Art Studio Demetz in Italy, using the ancient “lost wax” process.

Regardless of the medium or location, installing a statue requires almost as much skill and care as making it. We use only our own experienced craftsmen, no outside contractors.

This statue weighs about 400 pounds. A similarly sized marble statue would weigh considerably more. Fiberglass is relatively light, but more breakable. Every type is statue comes with its own challenges.

This statue was commissioned by a parish family. For more images, see our earlier post.

Mazzolini Artcraft can also install or relocate statues obtained from other providers. For more information, contact John Mazzolini at 888-437-4499 or [email protected].

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