In 2016, a man driving near Our Lady of Mount Carmel church in Wickliffe, Ohio suffered a medical episode that caused him to drive over the curb at high speed and strike the base of a marble statue of Christ and two children. “No one, not even the driver, was injured but the statue and the pillar were destroyed,” wrote Father Thomas Behrend in the parish bulletin. “This was, as it turned out, probably the best resolution of this horrible situation. If the vehicle had missed the statue, it could have hit the building, the doors, or worse, the main gas line.”

Mazzolini Artcraft provided that statue when the parish moved to that location in the 1950s. And we provided and installed a replica that stands there today. The artisans at our stone-carving studio in Pietrasanta (Carrara) Italy carved the statue from white Carrara marble, which has been prized by sculptors and builders for its beauty and durability more than 2,000 years.

For information about marble or other original statues. contact John Mazzolini at 888-437-4499 or [email protected]. Tips about statue choice and care are also available in our Guide for Church Restoration/Renovation Committees, which you can obtain for free by signing up for our email newsletter.


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