Religious Marble Statues

Religious Marble Statues 001

Stone Carving Process

The stone carving tools used nowadays have not change much from Michelangelo’s time. The rough stone is first pounded with a pitching hammer and then sculpted with special pointing tools and files. used for fine art in Italy. Unlike the mass made products of our industrial age, bronze castings using the “lost wax technique” are individually created works of art.

Religious and Decorative Marble and Stone Statues

For custom religious statues Mazzolini Artcraft uses only the highest quality marble from the quarries of Tuscany: bianco puro or bianco duro di Carrara – the same marble used by Michelangelo. In 1517 Michelangelo found the “cava” di Seravezza on the mountain Altissimo. This type of marble is practically impervious to the elements. Perfect for outdoor religious statues.
Mazzolini can also create religious sculptures in stone such as granite or alabaster.

Religious Marble Statues Samples of Work

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